Winners of the Short Film Days

International Festival Announced

The award ceremony of the festival was held in Moscow.

“The Road to the Clouds” by Ivan Sosnin was announced the best story film.

The Echo of the film festival will be launched on the shortest day of the year – 21 December – and will last until 31 January 2024. As part of the Echo, the audience will see 7 programmes, which include 36 story films, documentaries and animated films.

Twenty-one films from four countries (Russia, Iran, Finland, Kyrgyzstan) took part in the competition programme. More than 400 applications from seven countries – Russia, Costa Rica, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and the US – were submitted to participate in the festival.
The winners of the festival were selected by a jury of professionals, which included Vladimir Kott, director, scriptwriter, head of the workshop at S.A. Gerasimov State University of Cinematography (VGIK); Natalya Syomina, general director of the Moscow International Film Festival, professor of the Film Art Department at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts; Boris Mashkovtsev, general director of the Soyuzmultfilm studio; Dmitry Lemeshev, film writer and author of “The King and the Jester” series; Maria Smirnova, content and distribution director of MTS Media/KION; Evgeny Grigoryev, development director of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio; and actresses Anna Kotova and Sofia Lebedeva. The jury was chaired by prof. Igor Klebanov, cameraman, People's Artist of Russia.

PHOTOREPORT (photographer: Danil Tashtimirov)


All winners received cash prizes of 100,000 roubles, as well as certificates for 100,000 roubles from Kirillin Rental and XOVP Production.

Best Story Film
“The Road to the Clouds” (Doroga v oblaka) directed by Ivan Sosnin
Right before the funeral, Pasha decides to go against his mother and fulfill his father's last will - to take his ashes to his ancestral homeland. Pasha puts the ashes in a piggy bank and goes to Uzbekistan to deliver his father's last message to his family and friends.

Best Directing
EMERGENCY directed by Maryam Esmikhani (Iran)
Nazanin is a seven-year-old girl who tries to solve a mystery, that bothers her, by getting close to an emergency agent who has come to their house to check on her mother.

Best Camerawork
“Fools” (Durakami), cameraman Mikhail Vikhrov
Being parasitic on contemporary art has given rise to foolishness. “Fools” is a satire on swindlers who want to write their names in the history of art, generous patrons of the arts and idle onlookers reaching for the beautiful.
Strapline: “Have you tried the tangerine wool molecular cocktail yet? Haven’t you? Try it. The auction bidding is at the very height!"

Best Film Producer
“Alina Wild”, producers Mikhail Marizov, Samat Yuzeev
An ISP employee connects the Internet for a lonely old man who wants to find his granddaughter who once left for another city. Having seen her photo, the chap recognises the grown-up girl as a pornographic film star. Aware that the old man has a heart condition and should not worry, the chap tries his best to prevent the old man from finding out the truth.

Best Acting
“Black” (Chyornoye), actress Elizaveta Potapova
Twenty-year-old Muscovite Sima has grown up in love and peace since childhood. She firmly believes in goodness and will never refuse to help anyone in need. However, one day all her ideas about herself turn upside-down.

Best Script
“Hairstyle” (Prichyoska), screenwriter Artyom Zakharyan
Vitya jokingly gives himself an unusual hairstyle as a birthday present, which creates a serious conflict with the other members of the family.

Best Documentary
“The Doctor” (Medic) directed by Alizhan Nasirov
The film is about a young 22-year-old doctor who decides to work for the people residing in a remote valley with harsh living conditions, where no other medical professional agrees to work.

Best Animated Film
“Omichka” directed by Elizaveta Skvortsova
A couple's rocky relationship is unfolding against the backdrop of an absurd atmosphere of our reality. The film is based on media headlines.

Special Jury Prize “For Belief in Miracles and Magic”
“Pineapple” (Ananas) directed by Dilara Galeeva
On the eve of the year 2000, Father Frost comes to visit 9-year-old Karina, her little brother and sister. He gives presents to the children, while the adults get an amazing fruit – pineapple – from him! The whole family is enthusiastically celebrating the New Year, but the pineapple would not be cut... At the chimes, Karina makes a wish to taste the pineapple. In the morning the children discover that the pineapple has been eaten up! Karina runs out of the house, crying and accusing Father Frost of failing to make her wish come true. Suddenly, a van passes by her, three pineapples falling out of it. Karina brings the pineapples home, and the children are happy!

SHOT TV Special Award
“Hairstyle” directed by Artyom Zakharyan

Prof. Igor Klebanov, chairman of the jury, cameraman, People's Artist of Russia, noted the high level of organisation of the festival and thanked the selection panel: “Once again we have become convinced that our country has got a plethora of promising authors.”

Alexey Aleshkovsky, President of the Guild of Screenwriters, will propose to the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation to declare 2024 the Year of Short Film as the best format for the development of regional cinema and the integration of young filmmakers into the industry.
Dmitry Yakunin, general producer of the festival, noted that the current major challenge is short film distribution. “Full screening rooms when our films are shown confirm the interest of the audience.We support the initiative of holding a Year of Short Film in Russia in order to raise the status and profile of this format.”

The Short Film Days International Festival was held in Moscow on 13-15 December 2023. The event was organised by Russia’s Union of Filmmakers and the Regional Filmmaking Support Fund of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers backed by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

For detailed information about the film festival see the official website.

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Background information about the festival:

The Short Film Days International Festival is the successor project to the All-Russian Short Film Day event, held from 2014 to 2021.
The event is organised by Russia’s Union of Filmmakers and the Regional Filmmaking Support Fund of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers.
Dmitry Yakunin, Secretary of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers is the project head manager.
The goal of the festival is to find and encourage talented and creative young people in the field of filmmaking and cinematography, promote short films to broad public and develop the film club movement
The Festival is held late in the year during its shortest days.

Official website: