December 21, the shortest day of the year, saw the closing of the Moscow off-line program “All-Russian Short Film Day”. The House of Cinema opened its doors for screening the works of the winners of the All-Russian Debutant Pitching and a press conference, and then Mix. Afterparty club hosted the award ceremony for the winners of the Short Films Day.

The event was supported by CANON, the independent short film agency VOSTOK, short film distributor Flix Snip and the producer centre MovieStart.

The members of this year's jury – Anton Kalinkin, owner of the festivals Korotche, Realist Web Fest and Web Fest Berlin, and director Vladimir Khotinenko – spoke about the importance of the event for the popularization of short film and wished success to the contestants, in their video messages. Warm words were also said by Nikita Mikhalkov, Chairman of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers, and producer Timur Bekmambetov.

From the podium, the contestants were greeted by the members of the Short Film Day jury – Yuri Bykov, director, Nina Romodanovskaya, editor-in- chief of the portal ProfiCinema, Evgeny Kulik, actor, blogger and screenwriter, and Stephen Mao, producer, director, Oscar winner 2019 for Best Short Film.

“I don't want to wish you success – you're already snapping at the heels of experienced players. It's a joke, indeed, but seriously speaking, it's great to see so many young talented people , many of whom – I'm sure – have a future in the industry”, said Yury Bykov, presenting the awards to the prize winners.

“This event is important not only for young authors, but also for the industry as a whole. I would like to express my gratitude to its organizers and partners for making a significant contribution to the development of Russian cinematography. All the works are bright and juicy – it has been very interesting to watch them and very difficult to choose the best”, - added Stephen Mao.

The winners of this year's Short Film Day:

Grand Prix in the category Best Feature FilmHow to Turn on the Fire That Has Gone (writer and director Sergey Filatov, producers Kirill Frolov, Alexei Efremov, Sergey Filatov). The project was awarded 300 thousand roubles.

The story of a young man who tries to make the world a better place by inventing unusual devices. They help people solve various household problems. However, his own main problem is his broken heart, so the main character decides to invent something that will allow him to win his ex-wife back.

Best DirectorStreet Light (director Vladislav Ikonnikov, producers Pavel Serebrennikov, Ivan Kalashnikov, Arkady Vodakhov, Gavriil Gordeev, Kirill Limarev). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

It is the story of a man with Down syndrome, who works at an energy control centre, where he daily switches street light on and off at the same time. However, the routine world collapses one day, and a new life begins.

Best Script Avako (screenwriters Ksenia Pchelintseva and Andrey Garyazh, director and producer Ksenia Pchelintseva). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

The main character is a teenage girl in love with her punk neighbour. One day she gets into his group of friends with a mysterious name Avako to spend the whole night with them and finally get her fancy man's attention.

Best Cinematography Friend (scriptwriters Oleg Davydchik, Andrey Svetlov, director Andrey Svetlov, producer Ilya Krivushkin). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

The picture is about two antagonistic schoolboys. One of them dreams of a new smartphone, the other – of a simple friendship. By a twist of fate, they find themselves in a common predicament from which they have to get out. It is an intense one-day story spiced with pursuit, childhood adventurism, and light humour.

Best DocumentaryVillage Blogger (author Vladimir Golovnev). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

The main character is a sound manager of the village cultural centre, who makes an attempt to become famous and shoots a web series about himself. Why does he dream of becoming famous? Why is it so important for him to talk about his troubled past, that ‘devours him from within’?

Best Director of a Documentary 8 Minutes to the Earth (scriptwriter Asya Guseva, director Anastasia Sarycheva, producer Andrey Lyakhov). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

The film tells the story of Larisa Savitskaya, who survived a fall from more than 5 thousand meters as a result of a plane crash in 1981.

Best Premiere FilmI See (scriptwriters Irina Semkina, Maria Makarova, director Vera Vodynsky, producers Larisa Matveeva, Maria Raudsepp). The project was awarded 250 thousand roubles.

It is the story of a girl who is rescued from depression by a practically unseeing artist. Fantastic paintings open a world full of mysteries to the main character. The film is based on the script that won in the scriptwriting competition Make Eye Contact (

Best Animated Film – The Fish Woman (writer and director Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya, producer Alexander Sharapanovsky). The project was awarded 150 thousand roubles.

A lonely fisherman fishes a woman out of the water. Their union seems beautiful, but there is an intractable conflict underneath it.

This is not the first award for some of the winners – the short film How to Turn on the Fire That Has Gone is the winner of the 2021 festival Korotche (Shorter), and the film Avako was awarded for Best Cinematography. Festival owner Anton Kalinkin said, he was very pleased that the Korotche festival winners continued their successful journey to the audience.

Evgeny Subochev, business development manager of CANON professional equipment department, announced the launch of the Filmed with CANON contest in 2022 – authors can send in their works throughout the year, and results will be summed up at the closing ceremony of the Short Film Day event. Winners in the category will receive a cash prize of 500,000 roubles.

This year, special prizes and diplomas from the professional Guilds of the Russian Union of Cinematographers (RUC) were awarded for the first time within the framework of the action. The awards were presented to the winners by Philipp Kudryashov, President of the RUC Guild of Film Production Organisers, Alexey Aleshkovsky, President of the Guild of Scriptwriters, Timofey Lobov, Board member of the RUC Guild of Cinematographers, winner of the Asia-Pacific Film Academy Award.

Diplomas were awarded to the following winners:

Screenwriters Guild Diploma – Street Light (screenwriter and director Vladislav Ikonnikov, producers Pavel Serebrennikov, Ivan Kalashnikov, Arkady Vodakhov, Gavriil Gordeev, Kirill Limarev).

Special Diploma of the Screenwriters Guild President – Friend, (screenwriters Oleg Davydchik, Andrey Svetlov, director Andrey Svetlov, producer Ilya Krivushkin).

Cinematographers Guild Diploma – Street Light (cameraman Daniil Tuzhenkov).

Diploma of the Guild of Film Production Organizers – The Seamy Side (scriptwriter and director Yulia Kudoyar, producers Maxim Demchenko, Andrey Chumakov).

The prize from the Composers Guild of the Russian Union of Cinematographers was awarded for the best music to the film Angel (scriptwriters Anna Aksenova, Alexander Petrov, director Alexander Petrov, producers Alexander Petrov, Oksana Kravchuk, composer Maxim Skakun).

Summing up the results of the project, Dmitry Yakunin, head of the Short Film Day campaign, thanked the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives and other partners of the event for their support.

“Eight years ago, when we started this movement, we did not think that the project would acquire such a scope and scale. All of this has become possible thanks to our partners. Naturally, we plan to develop the project further on, forming new programmes, attracting new venues and increasing the prize fund for young filmmakers”, said the producer.
Among the guests of the evening were musician and actor Vasily Urievsky, director of the immersive and interactive cinema festival and forum, organiser of COURANT3D festival Francois Serres (France), producers Yanna Buryak, Alexander Gerasimov, Natalia Ivanova, Elena Glikman, Tamara Bogdanova, Moskino First Deputy General Director Julia Bragina, head of script agency Cinema League Oleg Bogatov, actor Kirill Mugaiskikh, screenwriter and film director Alexey Kamynin and others.

The All-Russian Short Film Day is the largest industry event that has been held in December since 2013. The goal of the event is to popularize short films and support young filmmakers.
This year the event takes place in a hybrid format from December 13, 2021 to January 31, 2022. Non-commercial screening of new Russian short films takes place at more than 1000 venues across the country, in all major cities and, in 25 countries around the world, thanks to the efforts of Rossotrudnichestvo [Russian agency working in the humanitarian field]. The campaign is complemented by an educational programme, research on how to promote short film, flash mob My First Short Film. The program films can be seen for free on the Okko online platform from December 21, 2021 to January 21, 2022.

The organizers of the event are the Russian Union of Cinematographers, MovieStart Producer Centre, with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.
Partners – Roskino, Rossotrudnichestvo, National Foundation for the Support of Copyright Holders, Okko multimedia service, Moskino, APKiT, Roskulttcenter, Animated Film Association, RED Carpet Studio, Canon, independent short film agency VOSTOK, EASTWOOD AGENCY, New Institute for Cultural Research, Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, cinema-theatres Illuzion, Moskino Star, short film distributor Flix Snip.
Educational partner – Moscow Film School.
General information partner – ProfiCinema portal.
Media partners – the Russian Union of Cinematographers, Animated Film Association, MovieStart, Digital Reporter, Film Distributor's Bulletin,, CINEPROMO, Cinemaplex, Kinoafisha, TV Workers, Kinoreporter, the Information Portal for Young Filmmakers, Art-Moskovia.