2023, Russia
Runtime: 32 мин
Written: Evgenia Yusupova, Yana Ksenina (based on the play by Evgenia Yusupova "Date of the twenty-second")
Directed: Yana Ksenina
Produced: Ravil Nasretdinov
DoP: Maxim Samsonov
Music: Nikita Kamensky
Sound: Alina Iskakova
Editor: Yana Ksenina
Production designer: Alena Grekova
Cast: Ekaterina Borisova, Maxim Karushev, Lyudmila Gavrilova, Olga Agapova

Failing a test on WWII, eighth-grader Sasha goes on vacation to her grandmother’s to «serve her sentence» in the village, where she prepares to retake the test. Everything changes with the sudden opening of a time portal, thanks to which Sasha meets Gesha, a boy from 1941.
Yana Ksenina
Director's short bio:

Yana Ksenina, film director, screenwriter, film and video editor. She was born on 16.05.1992 in Samara, Russia. In 2014 graduated from the Samara State University of Economics. In 2017 graduated from the Higher Courses of Film and Television VGIK as a film director.

Director's filmography:

2017 – «Chan Luk Kun»
2018 – «Coupon for betrayal»
2023 – «See you at the Glade!»