1. General Provisions.

1.1. The Short Film Days International Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Event) was established by Russia’s Union of Filmmakers in 2014. From 2014 to 2021 the project was called the All-Russian event “Short Film Days”. The project has been called the Short Film Days International Festival since 2022.
1.2. The All-Russian Public Organisation “Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation” (OGRN 1027739540157, TIN 7710137108, location address: Build. 1, 13, Vasilyevskaya str., municipal district Presnensky, Moscow 123056) is the Event Organiser. Regional Filmmaking Support Fund under the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation (OGRN 1227700072489, TIN 9710095701, location address:Office 1, build. 1, 13, Vasilyevskaya str., municipal districtPresnensky, Moscow, 123056) instruments the Event on the basis of an agency agreement with the Event Organiser, and provides organisational, expert and technical support of the Event in the interests and on behalf of the Event Organiser, ensuring interaction with the participants and winners of the Event, determining winners of the Event, signing contracts with them (if necessary).
1.3. The main screenings of the Event are to be held between 13 December 2023 and 15 December 2023. Between 21 December 2023 and 31 January 2024, non-commercial screenings of the Event's programmes are to be held in Russian regions as part of the Short Film Days Echo (hereinafter referred to as the “Echo”).
1.4. Echo Event venues are located at cinema theatres and cinema chains, multimedia centres, cultural and educational (folk art community centres, museums, etc.) and leisure time facilities (cultural centres, theatres, cinema-and-concert halls, entertainment centres, etc.), educational institutions and other venues.

2. Goals and Objectives

2.1. The goal of the Event is as following: identify and encourage talented and creative young people in the field of filmmaking and cinematography; promote short films to broad public; develop the film club movement.
2.2. Objectives of the Event are as following: expand the infrastructure of youth film screening; introduce the audience to new formats of filmmaking and cinematography; facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise between masters and young cinematographers; and create a bank of Russian short film screenings.

3. General Producer of the Event

3.1. The General Producer of the Event is responsible for the overall organisation of the Event.
The functions of the General Producer of the Event include:
3.1.1. Form the Event Directorate;
3.1.2. Fundraise and attract partners;
3.1.3. Other functions stipulated by the local regulations of the Event Organiser.
3.2. Dmitry Yakunin, Deputy Executive Director of the Regional Filmmaking Support Fund, Secretary of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers, General Director of the MovieStart Production Centre, is the General Producer of the Event.

4. The Event Directorate

The functions of the members of the Event Directorate include:
4.1. Form the Event programmes, in particular select films for participation in the competitive and non-competitive programmes of the Event;
4.2. Organise film screenings, master classes, meet-the-artist sessions, round-table discussions as part of the educational and business programmes of the Event;
4.3. Organise information and advertising campaigns of the Event;
4.4. Invite and coordinate the Event jury members;
4.5. Interact with the participants of competitive and non-competitive programmes of the Event;
4.6. Interact with the venues of the Event, including within the Echo of the Event;
4.7. Moderate the Event’s website;
4.8. Draft required contracts and reports.

5. Programme of the Event

5.1. In 2023, the Event programme includes:
5.1.1. a competitive programme consisting of 2022-2023 short feature films, documentaries, animated films of Russian and international/foreign production (up to 30 minutes of runtime);
5.1.2. an non-competitive programme consisting of short feature films, documentaries, animated films of Russian and international/foreign production (up to 30 minutes of runtime);
5.1.3. Awarding of Event winners within the framework of the Short Film Night.
5.2. Films for competitive and non-competitive programmes are accepted only in the Russian language. When submitting a film in other languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation or other foreign languages, subtitles in Russian shall be provide.

6. Participation in the Event

6.1. Participation in the Event is free of charge.
6.2. Those willing to participate in the Event shall fill in the questionnaire at
6.3. The Event Directorate may invite representatives of the films participating in the Event to be present in person in the city of screenings to present their films and/or participate in the Event awards ceremony.
6.4. The Event Directorate shall assume the costs of stay (travel by plane or long-distance train, accommodation in the city where the Event takes place) of authors/producers of the films participating in the Event who wish to present their film at the Event venue, with travel expenses covered only if the respective person arrives from a place located in the Russian Federation and departures to a place located in the Russian Federation.

7. Selection of Films

7.1. The selection process begins when the collection of applications is announced and continues till 5 November 2023 inclusive (up till 23:59 Moscow time). Films sent after the deadline shall not be accepted for consideration.
7.2. Films for participation in the competitive and non-competitive programmes of the Event shall be selected by the Event Management.
7.3. When passing the selection for the Event, authors must send materials for the website and catalogue of the Event in case they were not sent when submitting the application (the story outline in Russian and English, the director’s biography and filmography in Russian and English, film crew in Russian and English, photo of the director, footage from the film, film trailer).
7.4. Upon passing the selection for the Event, the film rights holder signs a licencing agreement (simple (non-exclusive) licence) for the right to use (display) the film within the framework of the Event. If the rights holder refuses to sign the licence agreement, the film is not allowed to be included in the Event programmes.
7.4. Films included in the competitive programme shall be ranked-voice voted by the Event jury formed by the Event Directorate of at least three (3) members and consisting of producers, screenwriters, directors, film experts and/or other industry related specialists.

8. Awards

8.1. Winners of the Event are determined among the films participating in the competition programme in the following categories:
Best Story Film
Best Directing
Best Camerawork
Best Film Producer
Best Acting
Best Script
Best Documentary
Best Animated Film
Winners of the Event are awarded with diplomas.
8.2. The total prize fund of the Event is 800,000 (eight hundred thousand) roubles. The cash prizes shall be distributed as follows:
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Story Film
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Directing
100, 000(One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Camerawork
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Film Producer
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Acting
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Script
100, 000 (One hundred fifty thousand) roubles – Best Documentary
100, 000 (One hundred thousand) roubles – Best Animated Film
8.3. Winners in the Event’s categories shall sign a cash prize agreement. The Event Organiser under such contracts is a tax agent and shall independently calculate, withhold and pay personal income tax on the amount of the cash prize due to the winner at the established rate (in accordance with Article 226 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
8.4. The Event winners and participants in each category may additionally receive other prizes from the Event Organiser and partners of the Event.
8.5. Winners get their awards during the Short Film Night.

9. Film Screenings as Part of Echo Event.

9.1. Venues that meet the following criteria shall be invited to organise film screenings as part of the Echo Event:
9.1.1. Public venues where video and audio content can be shown and viewing audience can be accommodated;
9.1.2. The hall capacity of the venue is not less than 200 seats;
9.1.3. A digital projector or screen for running digital video content in the MP4 format is available (if necessary, venues can independently convert the materials into the DCP-format);
9.1.3. Sound equipment for the presentation of audio content is available;
9.1.4 Their own staff to support the events are available, including film screening and film screening moderation;
9.1.5. The venue has its own information resources for independent attracting of the audience, including the venue's website and page in social media (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki);
9.1.6. A photographer to create a photo report on the screenings is available.
9.2. Requirements for venues to host film screenings of Echo Events:
• Use their own staff to support events, including film screenings;
• Provide wired microphones (if necessary and available) in the hall for events;
• Provide audio and video reproducing equipment in the hall;
• Carry out unassisted an information campaign for the Event to invite viewers;
• Carry out screenings of the presented films in accordance with the terms of the Offer signed between the Event Organisers and the venue;
• Print and distribute unassisted graphic product, i.e. a current events guide, indicating the location and date of the Event;
• Show the Event trailer before the film shows within the Event;
• Provide information about the venues for the Event (location address, website, name of the venue, seating capacity of the hall, screening dates and time slots, contact person);
• Prepare a photo report of the film screenings, links to press/follow-up releases published and information on the number of visitors;
• Mention the main organisers and partners in all possible Event press and follow-up releases;
• The Event venues shall guarantee that films obtained within the Event will not be posted on the Internet and will not be used for commercial purposes. The venue shall guarantee full compliance with the hygiene and epidemiological standards and provide for its part absolutely all safety measures during the screenings.

10. Cooperation

10.1. The Event organiser invites sponsors and media partners to cooperate.A sponsorship package is created for partners.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. The Event Organiser guarantees that it shall not use or transfer the films to third parties for commercial purposes, and reserves the right to use photos, slides and episodes from the films (not longer than 3 minutes) for publications in the mass media.
11.2. Each participant of the Event providing a film for the Event warrants that:
11.2.1. It has full power and authority (exclusive rights or relevant permission of the rights holder) to submit such a film to the Event.
Liability for possible claims and lawsuits of third parties related to copyright and neighbouring rights lies with the Event participant who submitted their application and film on the platform In case of third party claims regarding the ownership of rights to the films submitted for participation in the Event, the Event Organiser reserves the right to withdraw the participant's film from consideration and from the Event programmes at any stage until all circumstances are clarified.
11.2.2. The film does not contain information which dissemination and/or propaganda is illegal under law of the Russian Federation, and contains no obscenities.
11.3. The Event Organiser shall reserve the right to non-commercial screenings of films submitted for participation in the Event during 2024 following the end of the Event and the Event Echo (subject to agreement with the rights holders of such films).
11.4. The Event Directorate reserves the right not to explain reasons for not including a film in the Event programme and to leave the matter without comment.
11.5. The Event Organiser shall reserve the right to make changes to the guidelines for the Event during its preparations.
11.6. Participation in the Event suggests consent with its Rules and Regulations. Should an application for participation in the Event be submitted, this constitutes a confirmation of full consent with the Rules and Regulations by the persons submitting such application and the film rights holder.

12. Contact information:

Address: Office 38, build. 1, 13, Vasilyevskaya str., Moscow 123056
(Central House of Cinematographers)
Tel.: + 7 (499) 254 48 34