Story film, 2023
Country: Russia
Runtime: 20 min
Age requirement: 16+
Director: Artem Zakharyan
Screenwriter: Artem Zakharyan
Producer: Artem Zakharyan, Natalya Knyaz’kova
Cameraman: Artemy Rekutin
Sound designer: Anastasia Klyuchnikova
Artistic director: Vitalina Panina
Starring: Sergey Styopin, Roman Fomin, Marusya Klimova, Alexander Samoilenko Jr, Irina Averina, Mikhail Popov
Production: Individual Entrepreneur Zakharyan Artem Nikolayevich

Vitya jokingly gives himself an unusual hairstyle as a birthday present, which creates a serious conflict with the other family members.

Artem Zakharyan
Director's short bio and filmography:

Artem is a graduate of the ‘Industriya’ Film and Television School, Zhora Kryzhovnikov’s workshop. He worked as an editor in the ‘Slovo Patsana’ project, is currently drafting comedy projects for the STS TV channel.