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Documentary, 2023
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Runtime: 24 min
Age requirement: 6+
Director: Alizhan Nasirov
Screenwriter: Alizhan Nasirov
Producer: Aisuluu Amitova
Cameraman: Alizhan Nasirov
Sound designer: Alizhan Nasirov

The film is about a young 22-year-old doctor who has decided to work for the sake of the people residing in a remote valley with harsh living conditions, where no other medical professional agrees to work.

Alizhan Nasirov
Director's short bio:

Alijan Malikovich Nasirov was born on 9 April 1980.
Background: 2003-2009, Kyrgyz-Turkish University MANAS, Communication School, Department of Radio, TV and Film Arts.

Director's filmography:

2023 – «The Doctor»
2021 – «In Memory»
2016 – «Ata Beyit»
2013 – «Spinster»
2012 – «Father»
2011 – «Water»
2010 – «Cattle Camp»
Documentary, 2023
Country: Russia
Runtime: 21 min
Age requirement: 12+
Director: Anastasia Zver’kova
General Producer: Yury Yashnikov
Screenwriter: Anastasia Zver’kova, Aleksey Bazyuk
Photography director: Evgeny Ryazhev
Artistic director: Timofey Makhnev
Film editor: Timur Fedorov
Animation Designer: Ekaterina Lazareva
3D and motion designer: Andrey Dakhnevich
Sound designer: Pasha Gudvin

This is a story of the only major interview in Alexander Vampilov's life, which the classic of world literature gave to the “Aurora” Literary Magazine back in 1970, but it was never published. The film is an attempt to reconstruct the lost text.
Anastasia Zver’kova
Director's short bio:

Anastasia was born in Irkutsk. She worked as a TV reporter for several years and simultaneously studied at the School of Journalism at the Baikal State University. In 2015, she graduated from Andrey Dobrovolsky and Andrey Gerasiomv's directing workshop at the Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow. Her graduation film “Fellow countryman” (Zemlyak) was screened at festivals in eight countries, including the Moscow International Film Festival and Oxford University. Since 2017, she has worked as a director at Yuri Yashnikov Film Company in Irkutsk.

Director's filmography:

2023 – «Sanya, the Playwright»
2023 – «Sanya, the Playwright»
2022 – «The Hot Heart of Irkutsk»
2022 – «Freedom Squared»
2022 – «No Sky»
2020 – «Russian Morgan»
2016 – «The Queen of Shenzhen»
2015 – «Fellow countryman»
Documentary, 2023
Country: Russia
Runtime: 26 min
Director: Vladimir Golovnev
Screenwriter: Vladimir Golovnev
Producer: Anastasia Ivanova
Cameraman: Nikita Anis’kin
Cross-cutting: Daniil Aristov
Starring: Evgeny Podvysotsky, Nadezhda Demina, Kliment Podvysotsky

A priest, living by the seaside, is building a church without noticing that he is becoming a Tik-Tok star.
Vladimir Golovnev
Director's short bio:

Vladimir was born on 6 December 1982 in Omsk. He graduated from the History Department of Omsk State University (2004); and the Internews Independent Film and TV School (2005). Vladimir Golovnev is a member of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers.

Director's filmography:

2006 – «The Ship is Going, while the Shore Remains»
2008 – «Not of this world...»
2008 – «Curtain»
2010 – «The Game»
2011 – «Anatomy of a Champion»
2012 – «A Refuge»
2016 – «Two Childhoods»
2016 – «Omsk. City Day.»
2019 – «Letsplay»
2019 – «Good to see you»
2020 – «Dostoevsky. Siberian Notebook»
2021 – «Distant View»
2022 – «People of Action. A Simultaneous Display»
Documentary, Russia, 2023
Runtime: 32 min
Director: Kirill Alyokhin
Photography directors: Mitya Smirnov, Dmitry Novikov
Composer: Eduard Konovalov
Cross-cutting: Artem Sokolovsky
Producers: Kirill Alyokhin, Pavel Roitberg
Creative producer: Oleg Khoroshavin, Artem Sokolovsky
Production: Life Is Short and FakePublish supported by the Institute for Internet Development Russia, 2023

Music is a way of finding your people. If you feel like shouting “It's all too much for me!" - you are in tune with 19-year-old Sonya Brusnika (Lingonberry) from Yekaterinburg. She finds life hard. Anxious. Palpitating. But she is on her way to a good life, and she is walking quite confidently. How did a schoolgirl manage to gather the most notable youth band in the Urals?
Kirill Alyokhin
Director's short bio:

Russian film producer, director, screenwriter and film cutter.

Director's filmography:

2015 – «Happiness»
2016 – «Bla»
2019 – «Angel’s Fall»
2019 – «Rocketjump»
2020-2022 – «Natural Selection»
2021 – «Easy Round 2»
2023 – «Bears on the Server»
2023 – «Loud and Tender»