The Short Film Days International Festival will be held in Moscow on 13-15 December 2023. This year the film festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. The programme includes 21 short feature, documentary and animation films from Russia, Iran, Finland and Kyrgyzstan, the world first run of “Pineapple” (directed by Dilara Galeeva), the Russian first run of “Emergency” (directed by Maryam Esmikhani, Iran), “And Life Always Finds a Way" (directed by Valentina Bespalaya), “Fools” (directed by George Batarieli) and the Moscow first runs of “The Brightest Star” (directed by Tompswell, Finland), “The New Templ” (directed by Vladimir Golovnev) and “Sanya, the Playwright” (directed by Anastasia Zverikova), “Loud and Tender – Attention Lingonberries!” (directed by Kirill Alyokhin), “The Road to the Clouds” (directed by Ivan Sosnin), “Nine Centimetres” (directed by Kirill Loginov) and “The Doctor” (directed by Alizhan Nasirov, Kyrgyzstan).

The main venue is located in the Five Stars Cinema Theatre (Pyat’ Zvezd) near Paveletskaya (25, Bakhrushina Street). The opening ceremony of the festival will take place on 13 December in the event space BOUNCE (build.6, h.2, 3rd Yamskogo Polya str.). "Loud and Tender – Attention Lingonberries!" directed by Kirill Alyokhin will be the opening film. It is about a musical group of the same name from Yekaterinburg. The band itself and its members Sofya Shultz, Vitaly Zhumlyakov, Mark Koryazhbin and Sergey Matveev will play a live set at the opening ceremony.

“This year the Short Film Days festival is turning 10 years old, and we have introduced several changes for the anniversary year. In particular, the audience and jury members will assess an integrated programme which includes 21 feature, documentary and animated short films. The participants include winners of the pitches held earlier by Russia’s Union of Filmmakers. This year the project is conducted by the Regional Cinematography Support Fund, which will present 4 films in the non-competitive programme and 11 films as part of the Echo of the festival. Also, the hits of the previous 5 years of the festival will be shown within a special programme prepared for the anniversary,” said Dmitry Yakunin, the festival's general producer.


The jury of the festival will include Vladimir Kott, director, scriptwriter, head of the workshop at S.A. Gerasimov State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Nataya Syomina, general director of the Moscow International Film Festival, professor of the Film Art Department at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts; Boris Mashkovtsev, general director of the Soyuzmultfilm studio; Dmitry Lemeshev, film writer and author of “The King and the Jester” series; Maria Smirnova, content and distribution director of MTS Media/KION; Evgeny Grigoryev, development director of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio; and actresses Anna Kotova and Sofia Lebedeva. The jury will be chaired by prof. Igor Klebanov, cameraman, People's Artist of Russia.

The jury will assess the works shot over the past two years. The competitive programme consisting of 2022-2023 short feature films, documentaries, animated films of Russian and international/foreign production (up to 30 minutes of runtime). Prizes will be awarded in 8 categories. The total prize fund of the Event is eight hundred thousand (800,000) roubles.


More than 400 applications from 7 countries – Russia, Costa Rica, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Latvia and the US – were submitted to participate in the festival. Twenty-one films from four countries (Russia, Iran, Finland, Kyrgyzstan) will take part in the competition programme, including first runs. Famous Russian actors played in the films. Thus, Ivan Okhlobystin appeared in the film “Fools” directed by George Batarieli, and Peter Skvortsov starred in the film “Road to the Clouds” by Ivan Sosnin. Many of the films in the programme come from the Golden Eagle long-list, and also took part in the Amur Autumn, Shorter, Let's Live, the Big Animation Festival, the Open Russian Animation Festival in Suzdal and other film festivals.

In addition, the programme presents four films that were among the winners and participants of the All-Russian Pitching of Debutants in different years, namely “Black”, “Alina Wild”, “See You on a Clear Meadow!”, “And Life Always Finds a Way".

Feature Films

● “Hairstyle” (Prichyoska) (directed by Artem Zakharyan) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “Black” (Chyornoye) (directed by Victoria Dyogteva) – Best Director and Best Actor Award at the 21st “Amur Autumn” Russian Film and Theatre Festival
● "Pineapple" (Ananas) (directed by Dilara Galeeva)
● "Grove” (Roshcha) (directed by Ekaterina Petrova-Verbich) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “The Road to the Clouds” (Doroga v oblaka) (directed by Ivan Sosnin)
● “Alina wild” (directed by Ilya Lebedev)
● "Oh, It's Not the Night Yet” (Oy, to ne vecher) (directed by Juliana Grimuta)
● “See You on a Clear Meadow!” (Uvidimsya na chistoy polyane!) (directed by Yana Ksenina) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “And Life Always Finds a Way” (I vsyudu zhizn’) (directed by Valentina Bespalaya)
● “Nine Centimetres” (Devyat’ santimetrov) (directed by Kirill Loginov) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “Fools” (Durakami) (directed by George Batarieli)
● “Emergency” (directed by Maryam Esmikhani)


● “Sanya, the Playwright” (Sanya, damaturg) (directed by Anastasia Zverikova)
● “Loud and Tender – Attention Lingonberries!” (Gromko i nyezhno – vnimaniye brusnika!) (directed by Kirill Alyokhin) – opening festival film, critics' jury award at the Original+Doc Documentary Film Festival
● “The Doctor” (Medic) (directed by Alizhan Nasirov)
● “The New Temple” (Novy khram) (directed by Vladimir Golovnev)

Animated Films

● “Dear Passengers” (Uvazhayemye passazhiry) (directed by Maxim Kulikov) – best on-line film of the Open Russian Animated Film Festival in Suzdal, Golden Eagle long-list
● “Omichka” (directed by Elizaveta Skvortsova) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “Tshshsh!” (directed by Nina Bisyarina) – Golden Eagle long-list
● “Female Friends” (Podruzhki) (directed by Natalya Abramova)
● “The Brightest Star” (directed by Tuomas Tuppurainen)


The programmes SHORT FILM DAYS 2018-2022. HITS and FESTIVAL HITS will be presented beyond the competitive programme. The non-competitive programme is offered by the Regional Cinematography Support Fund. Viewers and guests of the festival will watch 9 hits of the film festival, including:

● “A” (directed by Tatyana Zhukova)
● “How to Turn on the Fire That Has Gone” (directed by Serguey Filatov)
● «Sonya likes, Sonya doesn’t like“ (directed by Natalya Belyaeva)
● “In White on Black” (directed by Anton Mamykin)
● “Bribe” (directed by Alexey Kharitonov)
● “The King of Cormorants” (directed by Daria Razumnikova)
● “Evseev: Confession at the Price of Life” (directed by Andrei Ogorodnikov)
● “Paramedic on Holiday” (directed by Tatiana Lozhnikova)
● “Digital Immortality” (directed by Vladimir Golovnev, Nikita Aniskin)


Guests of the film festival opening ceremony, which will take place on 13 December, will watch the documentary musical “Loud and Tender – Attention Lingonberry!” directed by Kirill Alyokhin. The film tells the story of creation of the band “Attention Lingonberry!” from Yekaterinburg, playing light indie music. The band is yet to release its first album and gather hundreds of thousands of listeners in the winter of 2023. Its songs have the beat of the moment: confusion in the face of turbulent times, acceptance and optimism.


The Echo of the film festival will be launched on the shortest day of the year – 21 December – and will last until 31 January 2024.

The Short Film Days International Festival is organised by the Regional Cinematography Support Fund of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers.

For detailed information about the festival, as well as the programme of its events see the official website of the film festival.

For additional information for the media, interviews and comments, as well as for media accreditation for the festival opening ceremony contact Elena Barkova,

Background information about the festival:

The Short Film Days International Festival is the successor project to the All-Russian Short Film Day event, held from 2014 to 2021.
The event is organised by the Regional Cinematography Support Fund of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers.
Dmitry Yakunin, Secretary of Russia’s Union of Filmmakers is the project head manager.
The goal of the festival is to find and encourage talented and creative young people in the field of filmmaking and cinematography, promote short films to broad public and develop the film club movement.
The festival is held late in the year during its shortest days.

Official website: