Story Short Film, 2021
Directed by: Ksenia Pchelintseva
Written by: Andrey Goryazh, Ksenia Pchelintseva
Produced by: Ksenia Pchelintseva
Cinematography: Anton Dorushenkov
Music by: Alexander Krasovitsky, Marina Maksimova, Ivan Alekseev, Evgeny Rudin, Roman Bilyik
Sound by: Pavel Ergardt
Edited by: Nikita Shishkin
Art director: Julia Korotkova
Makeup Artist: Lubov Yurina, Maria Petrova
Starring: Masha Lobanova, Maxim Nekrasov
Timing: 28 min
Age limit: 6+

The noughties. Anna has turned thirteen. She stays home on her own for the first time ever under the supervision of her neighbour punk Ars who she has been in love with for a long time. Anna forces Ars to accept her into his youth company with the mysterious name Avako to pass all night with them and to finally gain his attention.
Ksenia Pchelintseva

Ksenia Pchelintzeva was born in Moscow in 1993. She is a graduate of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Dresden University, majoring in International Business. She had her internship in Berlin. After a while in 2017 she applied to the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors named after G.N. Danelia in Moscow. Studied in Pavel Lungin and Irina Volkova’s workshop.


2017 - «Express»
2019 - «No Entiendo»
2020 - «How to Kill Online»
2021 - «Avako»
Fiction films, 2021
Director: Sasha Petrov
Scriptwriters: Sasha Petrov, Anna Aksenova
Producers: Sasha Petrov, Oksana Kravchuk
DOP: Robert Sarukhanyan
Music by: Maxim Skakun
Sound by: Aleksey Kobzar, Sofia Matrosova, Andrey Belchikov
Editors: Ekaterina Beresnevich, Evgeniy Struchkov
Production designer: Ksenia Ivanova
Cast: Sasha Petrov, Anton Bogdanov, Ivan Yankovskiy, Polina Aug, Anfisa Chernykh, Filipp Avdeev, Katya Sergeeva, Nastya Kalashnikova, Egor Pogorelov, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Oksana Kravchuk
Timing: 15 min
Age limit: 18+

Unknown actor Leha works as an animator and sees no opportunity of becoming successful. Leha doesn't understand how he is worse than the famous actor of many sensational films. In complete despair, he notices a girl on the roof of the house and saves her from jumping. Later this will give him a welcome chance in the world of acting and cinema.
Sasha Petrov

Sasha Petrov is a Russian theater and film actor who has starred in such films as" Tekst"," Ice"," T-34" and many others. Two-time winner of the Golden Eagle Award: for "Best Actor in a Film" ("Text", 2020) and for "Best Actor in a Television Role" ("Sparta", 2019). Born on January 25, 1989, he graduated from the directing department of RATI-GITIS (workshop of Leonid Heifetz). Currently, he plays in the performances of the Ermolova Moscow theatre and Pushkin Theater.
Story Short Film, 2021
Directed by: Sergey Filatov
Written by: Sergey Filatov
Produced by: Kirill Frolov, Alexey Yefremov, Sergey Filatov
Cinematography: Alexey Efremov
Music by: Alex Kestner
Sound by: Daniil Bochkarev
Edited by: Alexey Efremov, Sergey Filatov
Art director: Ruslan Kalinnikov
Costume designer: Alan Baroev
Makeup artist: Svetlana Mifteeva
Starring: Aglaya Tarasova, Anton Filipenko, Kirill Frolov, Inar Narmania
Production: S. Filatov
Age limit: 15 min

Valentin does his best to make the world better inventing unusual devices. They help people to solve various household problems. However, Valentin’s main problem is his broken heart. So, he decides to invent something that will help him to bring his ex-wife back.
Sergey Filatov

Sergey Filatov is 31. He was born in Pskov. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy as a drama director. Sergey worked as a director and actor in the Lensovet Theatre for several years. Then he began shooting commercials and music videos. This is how he has made his way from the theatre to the cinema.
How to Turn On the Fire That Has Gone is his debut film.
Fiction films, 2021
Director: Lana Vladi
Script by: Dmitry Glukhovsky
Producers: Vladimir Masov, Alisa Rizatdinova
DOP: Vasily Grigolunas
Music by: Oleg Belov
Sound by: Mitya Krupenya
Editor: Azamat Ermatov
Production designer: Vanya Bouden
Costume designer: Oksana Shevchenko
Makeup artist: Lana Kaun
Cast: Diana Pozharskaya, Pavel Derevyanko? Anna Slu, Natalia Chumburidze, Pavel Chinarev, Irina Cherichenko, Olga Belyavskaya, Alexander Borisov, Alena Glebova, Liza Medvedeva
Production: «ZOOM Production»
Timing: 20 min
Age limit: 12+

One day, five years old Tanya realises that her father will not always be by her side, so she gives him a promise which will not leave her during all her life, and will have its resonance even after she’s gone.
Lana Vladi

Director and actress Lana Vlady was born in 1987 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. At a young age she moved to Italy altogether with her family. After accomplishing her studies in the UNISG university, she graduated in acting at the acting school of Gisella Burinato, in Rome. Afterwards she completed her studies in directing and acting in London, at the Tom Radcliffe’s studio. Since 2015 she has been working as an actress in Italy and other European countries. As a director she made her debut in 2018, with the short film La Lepre (The Rabbit / Italy). Her second short film is Riccardo that bounced on to the stars (2019, Italy). Both films got recognition in many international film festivals.
The short film “Sulphur”, based on the novel written by Dmitry Glukhovksky, is her first film in her native Russia. It has won the GranPrix and the Critics Award at the Sochi Open Film Festival, the Jury size at the Warsaw Film Festivals and others.


2018 - La Lepre, Italy
2019 - Riccardo that bounced on to the stars, Italy
2020 - Sulphur, Russia
Story Short Film, 2021
Directed by: Olga Temnikova-Zhuravleva
Written by: Olga Temnikova-Zhuravleva
Produced by: Anuar Inalov, Stepan Zhuravlev
Cinematography: Dmitry Gerasimuk, Kseniya Nikitinskaya, Kirill Dovgalevsky
Sound by: Saba Kapanadze, Roman Bronnikov
Edited by: Ruslan Isaev
Art director: Oleg Stratievsky
Costume Director: Nataliya Gorbatova
Makeup Director: Lubov Svetlova
Katya – Anna Shevchuk
Husband – Sergey Maslennikov
Police officer – Anastasiya Skibunova
Doctor – Julia Rogachkova
Old woman – Marina Bauer
Main tramp – Dmitry Sobinyakov
Production company: Filmmaster
Timing: 20 min
Age limit: 16+

В самое обычное утро жена провожает своего мужа .
Муж спрашивает у жены ( Кати) ,какие у нее планы на сегодня, на что она отвечает, что никаких. Муж холодно прощается с супругой, это ее расстраивает…
Olga Temnikova-Zhuravleva

Olga Temnikova-Zhuravleva was born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the family of a serviceman and a teacher. In 2008 she graduated from the All-Russian Distance Univiversity of Finance and Economics, majoring in economics, and VGIK (First Assistant Director courses; A. Bogun and V. Kalinin’s Workshop) in 2018.
Parts is the first work of the director.