Fiction, 2021
Director: Dinara Abdrashitova
Produced by: Ainur Askarov
Script by: Aidar Akmanov
Director of photography: Vladimir Egorov
Music: Emil Amirov
Sound: Gulnara Saitova
Editor: Aleks Snadin
Set decorator: Aliya Hansen
Production: Bashkortostan film studio, Askarfilm company
Cast: Ildar Bikkulov, Ruslan Kadaev, Aisulpan Faizullina, Azat Ziganshin, Salavat Nurislamov
Timing: 24 min
Age limit: 16+

The story of two friends, the best players of the village hockey team, got one chance for two
Dinara Abdrashitova

Studied at the Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters, director's workshop S.V.
Karandashov, Academy of Cinema and Theater Arts of N.S. Mikhalkov, director's workshop V.I.Khotinenko, V.A.Fenchenko


2018 - Asiya
2021 - Gilza
2021 - Ainaz
Fiction, 2021
Written by: Oleg Davydchik, Andrey Svetlov
Directed by: Andrey Svetlov
Produced by: Ilya Krivushkin
DoP: Dmitry Chernyavsky
Music by: Alik Mkhoyan
Sound by: Denis Borodich
Editor: Andrey Svetlov
Production designer: Viktor Milichenko
Cast: Artem Ohremchuk, Matvey Shilets, Pavel Zalevskiy, Lavrentiy Concial, Victor Podolyak, Daria Voronova, Lyubov Svechnikova
Timing: 20 min

"Friend" is a movie about two warring school students. One of them dreams of a new smartphone, the other of a simple friendship. By chance, they find themselves in a common predicament from which they will have to get out. It's a rich, day-long story spiced with chases, childish adventurism and light humour.
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Andrey Svetlov

Andrey Svetlov was dorn on 31.07.1994 in Irkutsk, Russia. Graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Currently, works as a film director.


2021 - "Friend"
Not Ivan or how to summon a hero
Fiction, 2021
Directed by: Denis Shabliy
Written by: Denis Shabliy, Anton Garyinin
Produced by: Denis Shabliy, Filipp Abryutin, Oxana Lakhno
Executive Produced by: Yana Mushtina
Cinematography by: Ivan Semenov
Music by: Denis Dronov, Dmitry Pogadaev
Sound by: Igor Sidenko, Aleksey Tchintsov, Denis Dronov
Edited by: Denis Shabliy
Art director: Sergey Tanyigin
Costume director by: Evgeniya Koshkina
Makeup director by: Alena Denisova
Starring: Oleg Taktarov, Dmitry Ivanov, Ivan Eropov, Ekaterina Egorova, Raisiya Makarova, Timur Ignatiev, Danila Tikhonov, Maxim Vedernikov, Nataliya Tonkih and others.
Production company: Private Entrepreneur Shabliy Denis
Timing: 24 min
Age limit: 12+

A teenager from the Mari El Republic has an unusual name Yivan. To get rid of mockery at his new school, he turns for help, on his grandma’s advice, to the national hero Onar. However, help comes another way Yivan hasn’t even expected.
Denis Shabliy

Denis Shabliy was born on February 1, 1990, in a small village Sernur, Mari El Republic. He was a graduate of the Mari El State University, the Ostankino Higher School of Cinema and Television (A. Germanova’s Workshop), N. Mikhalkov’s Academy (V.Khotinenko and V.Fenchenko’s Workshop). In 2020 he became the National Youth Film Award winner, nomination ‘Best film shot by a smartphone’. In 2021 he was awarded with the Certificate of Acknowledgement of the Mari El Republic Ministry of Culture for his contribution to the development of Mari El cinematography.
Fiction, 2021
Director: Ivan Sosnin
Scriptwriter: Ivan Sosnin
Producers: Яна Шмайлова, Игорь Кузнецов, Антон Сметанин
DOP: Ivan Solomatin
Music by: Arsen Baderkhan
Sound by: Konstantin Batrakov
Editors: Ivan Sosnin, Maxim Yakimov
Production designer: Semen Stupin
Cast: Maxim Flit, Maryana Spivak, Aleksey Barabash, Andrey Kozlov
Production: Red Pepper Film
Timing: 25 min
Age limit: 6+

Sasha is an ordinary boy whose life is not much different from the everyday life of an average schoolboy. Sasha's parents are divorced, they put their personal ambitions above the interests of their son. Due to lack of attention, Sasha becomes introverted. Everything changes when Sasha meets a new friend after school, a strange janitor in a pilot's jumpsuit.
Ivan Sosnin

Ivan was born in the Urals. Since student years, has started working in an advertising agency, where he filmed many commercials and music videos.
Several years ago, he started working on creating short films. The first project turned successful: it was evaluated at many short films festivals. Ivan is also the creative director of Red Pepper Film Production.
In 2019 his short film "Interview" was included in the program of international film festivals (Sapporo Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival, FilmFestival Cottbus, etc.) and won the main Russian film award - The Golden Eagle Award.\
Street Light
Fiction, 2021
Director: Vladislav Ikonnikov
Scriptwriter: Vladislav Ikonnikov
Producers: Pavel Serebrennikov, Ivan Kalashnikov, Arkadiy Vodakhov, Gavriil Gordeev, Kirill Limarev
DOP: Daniil Tuzhenkov
Music by: Vitya Isaev
Editors: Vladislav Ikonnikov, Nadezhda Filatova
Production designer: Svetlana Loskutnikova
Costume designer: Alina Nigamatulina
Makeup artist: Elena Fokina
Cast: Grigoriy Danishevskiy, Alexander Robak
Production: «Channel TNT4»
Timing: 25 min
Age limit: 12+

Mitrofan is an adult with Down syndrome, who lives alone in the parents’ apartment. Everybody in the house likes him, from the old men playing chess to the children. For them, he is a superhero, managing the light of the entire city. Mitrofan works in a dispatch office, where every day he switches on and off the street lights. His daily schedule is extraordinarily exact: he goes to the bus stop, the tram approaches, he returns and is met by the mongrel Pepsi. But one day the usual routine is disrupted. Can Mitrofan find the meaning of life again?
Vladislav Ikonnikov

Director was born in Zavolzhye in 1996. In 2014 enrolled at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. During his studies, worked at student television in video shooting, storyboard, editing and graphic design. After university worked for two years in the camera department. “Street Light” is his debut as director and screenwriter.