8 minutes to the ground
Documentary, 2021
Director: Anastasia Sarycheva
Scriptwriter: Asya Guseva
Producers: Andrey Lyahov (general), Anna Bochkareva (producer, lead producer), Yana Pushkareva (exc.)
DOP: Edvin Varde
Music by: Lyubov Terskaya
Sound by: Igor Muganov
Editor: Aleksandr Arseniev
Cast: Larisa Savitskaya
Production: SSB FILMS
Timing: 23 min
Age limit: 12+

The film tells the story of Larisa Savitskaya, who survived the fall of more than 5 kilometers in a crash of two planes.
Anastasia Sarycheva

Anastasia graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in 2000. She is member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation since 2006. Anastasia is a documentary films director.


1996 - "Slavic House in Liechtenstein", d / f
1997 - "By the roads of memory and reconciliation", d / f
2002 - "Longing for Paradise", d / f
2004 - "Roses for Signora Raisa", d / f
2005 "The non-evening light of the rising sun", d / f
2006 - "Oman. From dawn to dusk", d / f
2007 - "Lyudmila Zykina. Miss Volga", d / f
2008 - "Children of Glory", d / f
2009 - "Mongolia. Mission Possible", d / f
2010 - "Russian memory of the Chinese land", d / f
2012 - "Legends of Ancient Baikal", d / f
2013 - "Krasheninnikov. A trip to the end of the world, d / f"
2016 - "Admiral Sarychev's Secret Expedition or Kukka's Cartographic Errors", d / f
2018 - "Heart", d / f
2020 - "Larisa Golubkina. To live, to understand", d / f
Documentary, 2021
Directed by: Vladimir Golovnev
Written by: Vladimir Golovnev
Produced by: Vladimir Golovnev
Cinematography by: Nikita Aniskin
Music by: Alexander Smirnov
Sound by: Evgeny Chemakin
Edited by: Konstantin Larionov, Vladimir Golovnev
Starring: Alexander Smirnov
Production company: Film Company IGRA, LLC
Running time: 26 minutes
Age limit: 16+

Sasha, sound manager of the village cultural center, decides he is ‘ready for something big’. Day by day he makes a Web series about himself. Why does he want to be famous? Why is it so important for him to tell everyone about his hard past that ‘devours him from within’?
Vladimir Golovnev

Vladimir Golovnev was born on December 6, 1982 in Omsk, Russia. He graduated from the Omsk State University, History Department, in 2004; the Independent School of Cinema and Television “Internews”, 2005. Vladimir is the member of the Russian Union of Filmmakers.
Documentary, 2021
Director: Ivan Rodin
DOP: Pavel Filileev
Sound by: Alexander Panchenko, Varvara Bykova, Darya Oleynik
Editor: Marina-Maria Melnik
Cast: Bangis Schastlivyi
Production: Studio VGIK
Timing: 39 min
Age limit: 18+

Bangis Schastlivyi (Happy in Russian) is a son of an influential Guinean, and a simple Russian woman, Leningrad hippie, supporting actor, musician and writer. His whole life is a series of fascinating events: a meeting with his father, whom he has never seen before, gold mining, loses and gains. Despite all the difficulties, Bangis surname corresponds to reality. No matter what happens, he is still happy. Bangis is no longer acting and playing music, but the craving for creativity still lives in him. Therefore, he writes «the book of life».
Ivan Rodin

Born in 2000 in St. Petersburg. At the age of 18 he entered VGIK to study documentary filmmaking in Directing Department (workshop of S.Miroshnichenko, S.Muzychenko).


2020 - «COVID through the eyes of the youth »
2021 - «Happy»